How Our Process Works

How It Works

Social Media Services

We DO NOT deal with bots, proxys, zombies, warez, torrent etc.  Everything we do is above board and white hat.  Our larger clients like Nielsen Media Research, Sony Pictures and Banking Institutions would not allow us to do anything that would violate TOS, Privacy, TOS or otherwise be considered ”fake”.

We are an international ad agency (federally registered and RedBooks Listed).

We do not utilize any tricks or gimmicks. As a major agency we are partnered and affiliated with many publishers, brands and networks.

We have millions of fans and followers on various social networks. We have BILLIONS of visitors to MILLIONS of sites around the world.

We are SYNDICATED through news services in MAJOR media around the world. We advertise via various means to the visitors of our partner sites.

We will recommend your video, link or page repeatedly to the for the duration of the campaign.

This generates views, likes, shares, followers, tweets, retweets, favorites etc.  They will go to various links and often our special link that allows us to track performance.

Viral Marketing Campaign Process will work with you to develop a Viral Advertising program based on your revenue objectives and sales targets – providing you the best practices for seeding, platforms, and content.

Our four-step Viralization process will ensure your long-term success within your targeted community.  Each step is developed for you, and then presented to you for any suggestions or corrections.   Once approved your PME proceeds to the next step.  We report to you, do all the work and you are in complete control at all time. A fifth phase enables you to continue to grow your success exponentially.

As experts in marketing, we strive to be intuitive to your needs and take as little of your time as possible so you can focus on running your business.

CLICK The HEADERS to the right for an expanded explanation of  the 4 key phases to your success:

Phase 1 - PLANNING

Your Personal Marketing Expert (PME) gets input from you to produce the following:

  • Gain Understanding of Client Business
  • Establish Goals and Objectives
  • Establish Key Metric Benchmarks
  • Deliver Guerrilla Marketing Weapons List
  • Strategic Marketing Plan (PME reviews your business and creates a 7-Sentence Guerrilla Marketing Plan as invented by Jay Conrad Levinson.  This includes your goals, target audience and business identity.)
  • Deliver 7 Sentence Guerrilla Marketing Strategy
  • Video Scripts Created
  • Articles & News Reports distributed and syndicated
  •  Deliver Guerrilla Marketing Calendar

Phase 2 - CREATIVE

  • Video & Article Finals Produced
  • Any Additional Content, Emails, Videos, Reports, Books, Web Pages, Sales Letters, etc are Produced
  • You approve all proofs before they are used

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  • We Infect The Planet (online and/or offline)
  • Web News
  • Social Media
  • Major Video Portals (Viddler, Youtube, etc)
  • RSS Feeds
  • Podcast Directories
  • General Search Engines (Google, Yahoo & More)
  • Blogs
  • Forums
  • Social Bookmarking (Digg, Delicious, Technorati, etc)
  • Social Networks (Linkedin, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, etc)
  • We encourage others to continue to infect others
  • Launch Reputation Management Service
  • Guaranteed Traffic & Views
  • Guaranteed at least 50 Major Media Placements (Google News, Yahoo News,,, etc)

Phase 4 - TRACKING

  • We present you with regular reports
  •  Make suggestions on how to further improve any future campaigns
  • Deliver Comprehensive Monthly Reports
  • Distribute Optimized News Reports Monthly
  • Monitor Brand Reputation Monthly
  • Deliver Comprehensive Monthly Reports
  • Assess Viral Success & Refine Strategy


  •  Develop Community Building Strategy
  •  Develop Profitability Strategy
  • Implement Web property Profitability Strategy
  • Execute Community-Building Strategy Monthly
  • Distribute Optimized News Reports Monthly
  • Monitor Brand Reputation Monthly
  • Deliver Comprehensive Monthly Reports\\
  • Assess All Results and Next Steps