We turn eyes into your prize

More than simply an internet media company, we excel at spreading your message online and offline in the real world as well. Turning your audience into your greatest promoters, through unconventional strategies and proven methods.

Magic (kind of...)

We guarantee results or you don’t pay, but we don’t do this with potions or wands! Viral Marketing is not wizardry at least not with us. (Although are kind of epic wizards at what we do)

3...2...1... RESULTS

Our services are performance and results based. We’ve helped thousands of companies, big and small, to develop effective marketing strategies, set them up for long term growth, and short term results. From blastoff to orbit, we’ll track everything and show you the guaranteed results.

Plant, Water, Grow, Harvest.

Get the ball rolling and cause your book, brand, product or service to go viral! With our technologies and expertise, your topic will “go viral”, meaning that it spreads at an incredibly fast rate on its own, not unlike a computer virus. We call this Viral Marketing Seeding. We start with the intention of adding a viral component to your campaigns, honing in on individuals or groups with high Social Networking Potential (SNP).  The goal is to try to appeal to whatever would encourage them to spread around your viral message of their own free will. Can’t you already hear the ding ding ding of the jackpot, we can, because we’ve heard it thousands of times.


Guaranteed Viral is a registered Buzz Marketing Advertising Agency specializing in Viral Marketing Campaigns. Guaranteed Viral is a one-stop shop for business owners to become empowered with the tools and training they need to achieve marketing success in their business.

About the Founder

Since 1992, Our Founder, Mr. Maurice w. Evans, has helped 1000s of entrepreneurs and professionals succeed in business and the music industry. Maurice found the vast majority of business consultants and coaches spoke theory, with no real-world experience of what works and what doesn’t (as he had) to back it up. A serial entrepreneur himself, Maurice teaches from personal experience and not simply theory.

He is most well-known for his gift of being able to explain principles to listeners in a clear, plain language style making it easy for them to grasp complex concepts and implement them immediately. Maurice also often speaks to youth encouraging them to strive for excellence and success.


Viral is a word used to understand the phenomenology of how things spread. A virus is defined in viral medicine as an extremely small living thing that spreads from one person to another. That’s what we do with your product or message. Unlike a computer virus or a organic virus, the viral techniques we use  influence how people view your product. (And we only use our superpowers for good)

We create what is called a “viral expansion loop” a viral expansion loop relies on the ability to self-perpetuate itself to maintain existence. There are companies that have successfully used viral loops to develop themselves, namely, YouTube, Facebook, Digg, Twitter and even PayPal

To generate this “virus” we use a plethora of tools, and technologies, (and magical knowledge) Some of these potions (services) include Guaranteed news coverage, Highly specialized landing page design, made to generate strong ROI (return on investment, i.e. cash money) , Conversion Optimization, to turn your traffic into new subscriptions, leads, and sales. , Social Media Magnetism, generating thousands of likes and influence on your social media pages. And a whole lot more.

Find out about our Superpowers (i.e. Services)




    New and and unknown artist Sharice Styles, due to our expertise she was featured in articles on 1000s of websites,  and received hundreds of thousands of views, our original viral seeding efforts continue to work for her, creating new pickups throughout the internet regularly.


    Oliver Dempsey of Tradsemen.ie entered a 50,000 Euro ($65,000) contest presented by Major Irish Telecom Company O2 Ireland.  He used our Viral Marketing services to gather targeted viewers to his video asking for votes.  Oliver won, beating his competition by over 100 votes


    New Artist Prince Malik sought to give his music career a boost.  Videos “Billionaire” Featuring Jim Jones and Young Joc and One Night were given a Youtube View Boost.


Big thank you to Maurice evens who helped us with our viral marketing campaign for Dasiy the cow... today.. our video of daisy the cow has been viewed by over 20,000 people
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We've been in business for 8 years, Maurice has helped me set up my website, business cards, signs, ect. Maurice is a great guy, and I really recommend him.
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This really set us on the map and we had no idea how to go about it before, but now I have a pretty clear idea.

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